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What is your Return / Exchange policy?

Customer satisfaction is our GAOL. Please clearly mention what is the issue. If the product (color, work etc.) is very different from the picture on the website, it is advisable, to click a supporting picture. All issues are replied within 1 business day and a solution is suggested. A 100% complain redressal is assured. A slight variation (+_ 10%) from picture is expected due to light effects during photography session. A small variation in work can also be there. But gross variations are not expected. Products are to be returned in original packaging and notified to us. On receipt of the product, complain is cross verified and once it is okayed, money can be refunded to you or a new product can be bought instead. Also if the complaint is genuine, an additional 5% discount is offered on purchase of new product. You can send the product with postal service like United States postal service, royal mail etc. as that is the cheapest mode to the send the product back. The cost to send it back is to be borne by the customer himself. Our liability cannot exceed to more than the amount actually paid to us."

When a product is being returned, who will pay the shipping charges?

If product quality is not as good as client expects Yes client can return the product. Return shipping cost to be borne by customer. If replacement /exchange accepted, we will bear the shipping cost of sending new product. In case of refund, Money refunded cannot exceed the amount paid.

How to order?

Ordering is simple.

1) Select the relevant catalog page.
2) Add product to your shopping bag. (Button to Add to Shopping bag is available on Detailed view page)
3) Once you done, click on shopping bag
4) Once you are done, click CHECKOUT
5) PAY.

How do I know the product is shipped?

Once a product is ready to ship, it is marked READY TO GO. If your account shows product as READY TO GO, it means the product will be shipped out soon depending on few things. If its single product, it means, the product will be shipped same day and tracking number will be emailed to you within next 24 hours In case, there is more than one product, we would wait for other products to get ready. Sometimes the product gets ready before time and in such cases where there is still time for delivery date, we wait for other products to get ready and try and ship all products together. If you wish to get READY to GO product sooner than others, you can request for same on email to and it will be taken care of.

My delivery date has passed and I haven`t got any update on shipping information. What should I do?

A simple email to will get you a correct reply on the current status of the product. Sometimes orders get delayed due to production related issues or sometimes non-satisfactory or damaged product found during quality check. This leads to reproduction and delay. Also in rare cases, the product has to be dis-continued even after repetitive efforts in production. This leads to lot of delay. Client is duly informed and requested to choose new product or given an option of 100% money refunded for the dis-continued product. When a client chooses another product in lieu of dis-continued product, a 5% additional discount is offered on new product price to compensate for time and efforts of the customer.

I have made payment, but I need to change product now?

If you want to change product, just send an email with old product code and new product to They will help in updating your order with new product and in case there is cost difference, they will setup link to pay balance payment or process refund for extra amount paid. Sometimes, you request for a product change, but meanwhile if the product has been already shipped or stitched to your size, then the order cannot be cancelled.





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